Lila Baby Doll



Lila Chérie is the perfect large baby doll for caring for doll like real parents. 

With her various sensors and three accessories, Lila Chérie is able to react and respond to your child's actions just like a real baby!  She has five different functions: If you press her tummy, she laughs, If you give her her pacifier or bottle, she makes sucking noises, and settles if she has been crying, When you press her left hand for the first time she starts to babble and coo, If you lie her on her tummy she cries. When her little mommy or daddy picks her up, she calms down by herself after a few seconds and When you press her hand a second time she cries and her cheeks go red.

It is dressed in pajamas and a headband.


  • Ages 2years and up
  • Requires 3 AAA (LR03) batteries, not included.
  • Comes with interactive pacifier, interactive bottle and bib. Using another pacifier or bottle than the ones included will not make Lila Chérie react.